Spring Cleaning: Car Care Maintenance

July 2nd, 2024 by

Spring has officially arrived! April is National Car Care Month, so it’s the perfect time for a tune-up! Winter can cause extra wear and tear on your car, internally and externally. This is why Spring is such a great time to give your car a little TLC.

This is also why The Car Care Council chose April for National Car Care Month: to raise awareness about routine vehicle maintenance, which is often neglected in the winter. 

In addition, tuning up your vehicle in the spring ensures you’re ready for summer road trips and keeps your car running smoothly as the weather gets warmer.

Our Parks Ford Hendersonville Service team has created a list of recommended springtime car care maintenance tips! 

Your Spring Car Maintenance Checklist

Here are our recommendations for your vehicle’s springtime maintenance:

  • Tire Care
    Since temperature changes can make your tire pressures fluctuate, it’s always a good idea to check your tires’ tread depth and pressure to make sure they are at safe levels. If you have winter tires on your vehicle, you’ll want to switch back to all-season or your Spring/Summer set. Ensuring your tires are in good shape will improve fuel efficiency and help your tires last longer. We also recommend staying up-to-date on tire rotation, wheel alignment, and tire replacement.
  • Oil Change
    Check your oil level and mileage to determine whether it’s time for an oil change. From standard to synthetic blend oil, we have plenty of options at your Ford Dealership in Hendersonville. 
  • Fluid Check
    Check your fluid levels–including brake, transmission, and windshield wiper–and top them off if necessary.
  • Battery Health
    Cold weather can be harsh on your car’s battery, so now is a great time to get it checked and replace it, if necessary. Doing this could save you from a dead battery down the road! 
  • Belt and Hose Check
    Cold temperatures can cause your vehicle’s belts and hoses to crack, which can lead to leaks and serious, expensive issues, like a broken timing belt. Let a mechanic give your belts and hoses an inspection to get ahead of pricey repairs.
  • Brake Check
    Well-functioning brakes mean safe driving. Winter weather, especially snow and road salt, can cause debris buildup on your brakes. This leads to noises like squealing, squeaking, or grinding when you apply your brakes. If you notice these noises, let a mechanic take a look. It may be as simple as removing the debris from your brake pads, or you could need a replacement.
  • Windshield Wiper Replacement
    Snow and ice can damage windshield wipers, so we recommend replacing them in the spring so you start off the warm season with new wipers.
  • Headlight Cleaning
    Your headlights are another part of your car that can get buildup in the winter. When you wash your car, be sure to give your headlights and tail lights a good scrub.
  • Car Wash and Post-Pollen Season Wax
    Of course, keeping your vehicle clean is part of car maintenance as well! After pollen season is over, wash and wax your car to remove pollen, dirt, and other debris. Using wax, wax sealant, and paint protection products will keep your vehicle shining all Spring and Summer.

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Regular vehicle maintenance helps you avoid more expensive repairs down the road, preserves your resale value, and allows you to drive with peace of mind.

If you’re shopping for a new Ford, pre-owned vehicle, or need trusted auto repairs, you’ve come to the right place. At our Ford dealership in Hendersonville, NC, the Parks team is committed to helping you find the perfect vehicle and maintaining the performance, safety, reliability, and overall value of your purchase. Our Ford-certified technicians are highly skilled and dedicated to ensuring your vehicle receives top-notch care and maintenance. We even have Quick Lane service and service specials to save you money!

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